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Milestone for FOUR Frankfurt: building permit granted

Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt
FOUR, Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt has issued a building permit for the FOUR Frankfurt project. This paves the way for the implementation of the mixed-use district at the heart of the city jointly designed by UNStudio and HPP.

In a ceremony held in the middle of May, Frankfurt’s Planning Officer, Mike Josef, officially handed over the building permit to the project developer Groß & Partner. “The district will achieve greater variety as a result of FOUR. For the first time, Frankfurt will see the development of a family of high-rises consisting of four blocks grouped around a shared public space. It will be a district for all income levels with a great variety of uses and outstanding quality of life”, states Josef, emphasising the added value for the entire city. For 45 years, this former site owned by Deutsche Bank offered no benefit to the public. However, this site is now being transformed into not only a space for working and living but also one for public life. Despite its high density, the unique form and arragement of the buildings will create high spatial quality and establish links to the surrounding urban environment. The construction work is already in full swing and planned due for completion in 2023. 

Learn more about the project.