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RP-Forum „Zeitenwende für die Innenstadt“ and „Bar Zuversicht“

The city of Düsseldorf has set itself the goal of being CO2-neutral by 2035. Last year, the Rheinische Post forum "Zeitenwende für die Innenstadt" (Turning the tide for the city center) took place, in which participants considered possible approaches to making the city center fit for adapting to climate change on several dates in the progress workshop.

Matthias Faber, Volker Weuthen and other HPP team members took part in the forum and, together with the two architectural firms RKW Architektur+ and Jasper Architects as well as other well-known people from the architecture and real estate industry, worked out specific steps for the sustainable conversion of an entire neighborhood. Three “typical Düsseldorf” blocks near Corneliusstrasse were considered. The basis of HPP's proposal "Our Friedrichstadt 2030" consists of many small measures that already work when implemented individually, but have an even greater impact in combination. The advantage: Small measures can be started immediately to positively influence climate resilience in the neighborhood. For example, an status analysis showed that large areas of the neighborhood were sealed for private mobility. The situation can be improved with central neighborhood garages (preferably as underground garages). The school property also offer a lot of potential, for example, by transforming the schoolyard into a public park. The arrangement of a neighborhood garage on the roof surface of the school, including greening and photovoltaic systems, would be feasible. In addition, with the help of the greening of fire protection walls, a positive contribution can be made to the principle of the sponge city. 

In addition to the forum "Zeitenwende für die Innenstadt," the Rheinische Post invited participants to the "Bar Zuversicht" at the end of the year. After years of crisis, it was an important concern of the RP-Forum to set a counter accent and to look for opportunities and the things that give hope. The motto of the evening was: "Now more than ever - The future begins in our heads." Volker Weuthen, Senior Partner of HPP Architects, explained what confidence means for construction projects from his architectural perspective: "Every client needs a great amount of optimism and confidence, otherwise no one would decide in favor of the project." We have to face the challenges of sustainable construction and this requires new solutions. 

Impressions of the RP-Forum "Zeitenwende für die Innenstadt" and "Bar Zuversicht"

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Photos: Alois Müller / RP Forum