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Shenzhen North Station Huide Tower is about to be completed

As a new landmark on the Shenzhen skyline the new multifunctional high-rise complex including the 258 m high Shenzhen North Station Huide Tower shall be completed according to plans by HPP at the end of 2019.

The new building structure on behalf of Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Group Ltd. is already shaping the skyline of Longhua District. As a transit-oriented development (TOD), a multifunctional and dense, mixed-use urban building block with offices and hotels in the Huide Tower, an additional 100 m high tower intended as an apartment building and the 36 m high common base zone with public use and commercial units will be built within walking distance of the Shenzhen North Station public transport hub. The new building ensemble connects public spaces and the Sky Gardens in the towers to form a vertical urban quarter.

Further information on the project.