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Start for the research complex Modellfabrik Papier Düren

With the signing of the general planning contract, the economic development WIN.DN has given the starting signal for the realization of the research building "Modellfabrik Papier Düren".

The new research complex is one of the future-oriented construction projects of the Innovationquarter Düren. An urban real laboratory for innovation and sustainability is being created there on a planned area of around 115,000 sqm. HPP Architects were successful in an EU-wide tender for the new building. Following their oeuvre, HPPs architecture concept is a piece of valuable, flexible and sustainable architecture that will withstand the changing times. 

The design for the new Modellfabrik Papier Düren establishes a clear link to the theme of paper through its architectural design language with a concise, folded wooden facade. The research complex offers around 6,500 sqm of space, including a two-story technical center and a laboratory and office building. The new building is being constructed in the immediate vicinity of the Schoellerbrücke and, with its eye-catching facade, will be a highlight for all visitors to the Innovationquarter Düren. 

The Innovationquarter Düren will be the first mixed-use quarter in Germany which aims to achieve the goal of a DGNB Platinum certification. To support the objective of a particularly sustainable urban quarter, the sustainability concept for the Modellfabrik Papier Düren consists, among other things, of a green facade and green roof, which contribute to a good microclimate and building cooling. In addition, the implementation of photovoltaic systems and the use of geothermal energy as an alternative heat source are planned.

Construction of the Model Paper Factory is expected to start as early as 2024, with completion scheduled for 2025.