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The new Filderhalle has been officially opened

The Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, which was refurbished according to HPP's specifications and then extended to include a new building, was opened as a conference and congress centre on 23.05.2019.

In front of around 200 invited guests from politics and society, Lord Mayor Roland Klenk emphasized the importance of the Filderhalle for the local community. After the opening, he spoke together with the first mayor Eva Noller, the managing director of the Filderhalle Nils Jacoby, Simon Mittner from Drees & Sommer and HPP Partner and head of the Stuttgart office Volker Biermann on the podium about the history of the Filderhalle. The new building stands out clearly from the existing building as an independent structure with its saddle rooves constructed of wood and at the same time combines with it to form a harmonious ensemble. Three halls are accommodated in three formally readable "houses", which can be separated from each other by mobile walls and can be combined as required. The generous glazing overlooking the park sets the stage for exciting events with attractive views and plenty of daylight.