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Webinar: Urban Agendas - How cities can become “smart”

On 21 October 2021 HPP Architects is to host a webinar on the topic of ‘Urban Agendas – How Cities Become “Smart”’. We would like you to join us in discussing experiences and new concepts.

The “Smart” City presents itself as a hybrid eco-system where digital and physical worlds meet. Werner Sübai, Senior Partner Dusseldorf und Christian Veddeler, Partner Amsterdam are to speak on how the integration of data from “smart” technology is helping cities to analyse both in the planning phase and in utilisation, to simulate possible building interventions and changes, and to evaluate and optimise them accordingly. In this process, the focus of discussions will be reconciling sustainability and the improvement of urban quality of life with the current and future needs of city dwellers.

Learn more about the webinar and registration.
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