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A Stadium for Everyone

Freiburg Football Stadium

Client: Stadion Freiburg Objektträgergesellschaft GmbH & Co.KG (SFG)
Location: Freiburg / GFA: 16,300 m² / Seats: 34,700

Service: Architecture

A Bundesliga standard stadium

The old Freiburg stadium, which been evolving over decades, no longer meets today's requirements: The pitch is too short, obstructed visibility, no VIP area. 
The design of the new soccer stadium for SC Freiburg envisages a structure with a clear and timeless elegance that blends gently into the landscape and will suited to create an architectural identity for SC Freiburg.


"Apart from using a clear architectural language, a shared experience for the fans was our focus right from the start."

Antonino Vultaggio, Partner HPP

Embedded in the landscape at Wolfswinkel in the west of Freiburg, SC Freiburg's new stadium is located in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Limited in height by flight operations, we developed a flat rectangular roof. It is fixed to the ground by external diagonal tension rods. 

The architecture concentrates on the essentials: a clear structure, short distances, openness and transparency, but above all the experience, functionality and economy are the essential characteristics of stadium architecture.

Visualisierung Stadion Freiburg

The combination of the octagonal structure, the orthogonal roof and the diagonal tension supports creates a dynamic appearance and a clear, architectural identity.


The main entrances are positioned at the corners as a result of the interplay with the octagonal shape of the stadium interior. They orient themselves with ground-level entranceways on all four sides to the forecourts and together they define a flowing transition into the outer space. 

The visiting fans in the northeast and the home fans in the southeast arrive at the stadium via a long boulevard. The surrounding promenade, partly at ground level, serves as a conduit. 

Visualisierung Stadion Freiburg

Making football an experience from every angle
A viewing gap between the upper and lower tiers makes it possible for fans to experience the interior of the stadium as soon as they enter. Through this permanent reference to the playing field, the surrounding promenade becomes a place for the public to linger and engage with one another - before, after and during the game. 
The promenade offers everyone - whether walking or sitting in a wheelchair - an equal stadium experience.


Visualisierung Stadion Freiburg
Visualisierung Innenraum Stadion Freiburg

A Stadium for the Fans 
The grandstands are arranged in such a way that the spectators can enjoy a perfect view of the pitch from any direction and immerse themselves in the roiling atmosphere.

In the south, the promenade principle gives way to the fan wall: here, a continuous tier from the base all the way up to the roof provides space for fans to celebrate and perform their tifos.

Multifunctionality and identity
The Freiburg stadium unites a wide range of sports and non-sports event areas under one roof. The business, conference and event areas are designed in such a way that they can be operated independently during and outside the football matches. The prestigious VIP areas on the upper floors are located in a projecting structure that forms a covered entrance area and addresses the main building. 


"We are delighted to have had the opportunity to add another football stadium to our portfolio with this commission for SC Freiburg.”

Antonino Vultaggio, Partner HPP

The construction consortium, is comprised of SC Freiburg and the City of Freiburg. Köster GmbH from Osnabruck, who have collaborated with HPP on other stadium projects, have been general contractors.

Visualisierung Stadion Freiburg

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