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Smart Campus

Building Ecosystem

Eclipse Düsseldorf

Client: die developer / Architect: HPP Architects in collaboration with UNStudio / GFA: 50,600 m² / Completion: 2022

Service: Architecture, Interior Design

The typology of the vertical campus 

Together with the L’Oréal headquarters on the opposite side of the Kennedydamm, the 16-storey office tower Eclipse will form the northern gateway to Dusseldorf’s city centre. Because of the major traffic intersection directly outside the building - and thus limited recreation value of the outside space - we have simply incorporated the informal recreation areas into the building itself. On all 3 sides there will be a total of 6 multi-storey atria with open-air aspects, as well as a roof terrace, which will be linked via a promenade in the form of a helix.

The building typology becomes legible to everyone by alternating smooth helix facade and rough office facade.

Gerhard G. Feldmeyer, former Senior Partner HPP

Between the new building and the existing Hilton Hotel a two-storey podium will be created which, as well as serving as the main entrance to the lobby and other important functions, will form an interface with the forecourt and public space. In addition to this, a landscaped roof garden is also to be created – an oasis of calm far removed from the day-to-day life of the building. The tower section, extending around 11 metres above the rest of the structure, is supported by a double-V pillar and lends the building distinction and its own unique identity.

Landmark in the north of Dusseldorf

The Kennedydamm is characterised by solitaire properties set in green. The existing open urban development plan enables more freedom of expression in building design. This is reflected by the triangular shape at overall design level and by the scale-like framing of the boxed windows on a human level. The loggia-like atria extending over several storeys, each thematically distinct, are places for encounter and spaces to enable thoughts to run free and enter a dialogue with the immediate and more distant environment.

Communicative and concentrated

Agile working is stimulated by the variety of spatial and interior design options available. Individual workplaces in cubicle offices alternate with larger, open-plan areas and designated spaces for communication. Places in which corporate culture can develop and flourish. And all this with ample flexibility, and above all reversibility, because the pace of change for working environments will be faster in the future than it has been in the past.


The pace of change for working environments will be faster in the future than it has been in the past.

Smart and sustainable

As architects, we have a greater responsibility than ever before to design our buildings not only to be visually appealing, but also to be better for humans and the environment. Thus, sensors are taking over many of the functions that have up to now often proved a weak point for users. Daylight and artificial light, as well as air conditioning are presence-controlled and an intelligent parking system ensures efficient use of parking spaces – to name just a few examples. Enough charging stations for electric vehicles and an easily accessible covered bike park for 200 cycles on the premises ensure that the mobility of the future has already been considered in the present. The goal of obtaining DGNB Platinum certification is also the basis for the environmental, social and governance criteria currently under consideration.

Outside is the new inside 
Lush green external spaces provide
scope for relaxation and seclusion.

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