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A new beating heart

in the centre of Frankfurt

FOUR Frankfurt

Client: Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft  
Masterplan: UNStudio / Design and execution: ARGE UNS + HPP  
GFA: 290,000 m² / Completion: 2023

Service: Architecture

A unique mixed-use neighbourhood is being developed in the immediate vicinity of the buildings that define Frankfurt's silhouette. It will enhance not  just the skyline but also the quality of life in the city. 

Working in the clouds

The highlight of the building ensemble is the 228m high office tower, which combines a unique sight with a breathtaking view - and will be one of the tallest office buildings in Germany. Together with the neighbouring tower (100m high), 90,000m² of office space will be available here.

Living in the clouds

In addition to the two office towers, FOUR Frankfurt is defined by its residential towers (173m and 120m), which complete the new skyline. 600 apartments can accommodate 1,000 residents, while two hotels will welcome up to 700 guests. 

Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt

Three partners

The project will be realised by the property development company Gross & Partner and the (equitable) consortium UNS + HPP.

The original project design was created by Amsterdam-based UNStudio. It was the entry for an architectural design competition launched by Gross & Partner at the beginning of 2017, in which the office prevailed against ten international participants. This was preceded by an urban design competition to redesign the 16,000 square metre site, which the practice had also already won.

m² social infrastructure
m² shopping & restaurants
m² residential
m² offices

Four for Frankfurt
For 45 years, the former Deutsche Bank site was of no use to the public. Now, however, not only space for working and living is being created here, but also space for public life. The diversity of use makes the quarter a unique urban location. Previously used purely as a banking district, it will in future offer shops, restaurants, doctors' surgeries, a public roof terrace and a kindergarten.


„FOUR Frankfurt will be built, first and foremost, for the people of Frankfurt. It will not only add to the city's skyline, but also to the liveliness of Frankfurt as a whole."

Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect, UNStudio

Public space
But it is not only its diversity that makes it a valuable new place in the city: between the buildings, elevated public areas offer space for events, sports and entertainment. With new and shorter walking routes connecting the surrounding neighbourhoods, FOUR offers added value for everyone. Everyone is welcome here at any time without access restrictions or limited opening hours. 


Existing rectangular block with new passages

Respectful renewal
With its new towers and unique concept of use, the ensemble of high-rise buildings makes a significant contribution to the renewal of the city. But not at the expense of the established urban structure. The new high-rise ensemble is integrated into the established urban structure by incorporating the listed façades of Junghofstrasse and a multi-storey pedestal building into forming the connecting element of the entire area. The existing building block will be opened at various points to create new passageways and strengthen the relationship with the surrounding pedestrian walkways. 


Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt

FOUR Frankfurt consolidates the city's skyline and its urban fabric, adding to the possibilities for urban living

Major projects using Building Information Modelling

Our core competence: realising BIM-based planning and complex execution processes, was a major advantage in this project.

Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt
Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt

A special challenge for BIM at FOUR Frankfurt was the size of the project, which, with a GFA of over 200,000m², entailed modularisation of the digital model.

In order to facilitate smooth and synchronous cooperation between the companies and locations involved (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf), we created data and models using a common standard. In addition, we provided universal modelling standards and ensured that files were platform-neutral and could be exchanged without loss of data (Open-BIM). 

The geometric models were modularised according to the actual sections, vertical assignment and function. In total, there are 38 principal geometric models plus some secondary models such as landscape architecture, neighbouring buildings and links.


Visualisierung FOUR, Frankfurt

Four Frankfurt

According to the assessment by the competition jury, the unque quality of the quarter can be found in its public access and amenity value with connecting squares, accessible roof areas, pathways and passages.

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