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HPP takes 2nd place in the Town Hall of the Future mg+ Mönchengladbach Competition

The Market Square and Stresemannstrasse will be connected by a public barrier-free walkway.

HPP was awarded second prize in the two-stage Europe-wide architectural competition for the Town Hall of the Future mg+ Mönchengladbach, which aimed to consolidate the 26 locations of the municipal administration in the Rheydt district of the city centre.

We were asked to design an innovative and sustainable building complex for 1,900 employees, which would take Mönchengladbach's plans for the future into account through new construction, conversion and refurbishment, while at the same time incorporating the history of the city and existing buildings such as the historic town hall and a Karstadt department store. In the Rheydt district of Mönchengladbach, the HPP design focused on a Town Hall of the Future, which would strengthen the networking of the inner city and would fit appropriately into the scale of the surroundings. The market square and Stresemannstrasse will be connected and upgraded by means of a public and barrier-free passageway in which the service centre of the Town Hall, an entrance to the library and to Karstadt as well as the entrance to the conference centre are located. The design has created various outdoor features. For example, a more intimate atmosphere is deliberately created for the small town square as a counterpoint to the large-scale market square. The overall concept can be executed in phases and allows for future development by connecting the buildings with each other through reversible bridges. The proposed timber hybrid construction method, the careful balance of glass in the façades and the economical use of resources in the existing building mean that the high standard of extended sustainability is achieved.