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An open forum for Siegburg


In times when cultural events and gatherings are largely being shut down due to the pandemic, a small piece of culture is coming to life in Siegburg: In the heart of the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region, the RHEIN SIEG FORUM, expanded according to HPP design, is about to open.

As the "stage of the city", it enables the city itself to become the stage and responds to the new challenges of cultural life with a flexible and open concept. Transparency and openness throughout the building create the ideal setting for a wide variety of event formats. "The idea behind the new building for the RHEIN SIEG FORUM is to design the newly emerging hall in such a way that it can simultaneously represent the extension of the foyer and, due to its orientation towards the public space, interact more strongly with the city” describes Antonino Vultaggio, senior partner in charge at HPP Architekten.

This video shows the current status of the project, which is expected to be open to the public from May 2021. "The detachment from everyday life, which is also expressed by the architecture, should give people the feeling of being in a special place as soon as they enter the building," concludes Frank Baake, director of the RHEIN SIEG FORUM.