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Interior Design

Interiors are the new exteriors

Interior Design

The Challenge – Multifunctionality

Increasingly, a combination of typologies in the same building is required: the hotel reception is also a florist's and a café bar; outside of peak times, meetings are held in the staff restaurant. The boundaries are fluid and the demands placed on multifunctionality are increasing dramatically.


"The demands on multifunctionality are increasing dramatically."

Anika Hülser, Head of Interior Design HPP

Each typology presents its own challenges during the process: working environments must inspire and create an atmosphere that the employees enjoy working in. Cultural buildings need spaces that contribute to the events held in them. Things move quickly in retail – the presentation of a brand and the shopping experience have to be at the forefront, at the same time. Hotels must be a home away from home, but they offer their guests much more than just a place to sleep for the night.


Working Environments – feeling good and connecting

New Work needs new spaces
Companies find themselves today in the midst of a global innovation contest, they need the knowhow and creativity of the organisation as a whole. On the one hand, innovation needs concentration and individual freedom, on the other - the combination of different perspectives and a transhierarchical exchange of ideas. The right workspace design is what makes all this possible.

Modern working
The demands on the modern working world are high: cooperating acros timezones and national borders, working digitally, work life balance, health, career prospects and professional training. In times of skilled staff shortages, companies need to be able to attract the best. Innovative working environments can help.

Can spaces contribute to more concentrated working?

The Result: more productive, comfortable working environments
User-friendly spaces that help employees to identify themselves with the company, Rooms that empower the workforce and increase their levels of productivity and contentment – and help to attract new staff.


Offices and Administration

Architecture for innovation and cooperation

Retail and Malls – setting the stage for brands and experiences

Retail in Times of Digitalisation 
As online shopping grows from year to year, instore retail must reinvent the shopping experience. What are its strengths in digital times?

Shopping as Experience

In-store shopping benefits from all the qualities of the physical space. The right interior design turns shopping into an experience that engages all the senses. Purchasing online and collecting offline, or placing an order in a store having the product delivered are no longer contradictions in terms – they are now established systems. We help our clients to showcase these special and specific qualities and to put the consumer on centre stage. With our holistiv retail concepts, we support our clients in setting up and strengthening their brands. "Store" and "story" become one spatial entity.


Showcasing brands and emotions

Hotels – a home away from home

Hotels offer their guests amenity value: an atmosphere and interior design concept that make the guest feel comfortable, that permit the guest to communicate and to retreat, whose vitality is irresistible.

Hotels are places, where multifunctionality is pushed to the limit: a florist's in the foyer, a café or even a cycle hire shop; on the roof, a restaurant run by an outside operator and a roof-top bar, that becomes the city's place to be.

Interior Design Concepts for Hotels
Modern hotels convince through their concept: according to the target audience, rooms are either fitted out in a functional or in a more exclusive fashion. If each room has its own style, guests can have a different experience each time they visit – and a compelling reason to return.



Lifestyle and community under one roof

Cultural Buildings - Places of encounter

Cultural buildings have become places of dialogue and encounter. Visitors are prompted to reflect and participate in a sensory and visual way. As interior architects, we design spaces for our clients that invite the visitor to spend time here and that are open to all.

Along with the "classic functions" of cultural buildings, we also create zones for events, courses and workshops as well as areas for refreshment and recreation. Integrating further urban uses such as community halls and citizen's advice bureaus also defines multifunctionality.

For a long time, libraries have been more than simply "lending stations and knowledge bunkers"; they also serve as locations for people to meet and to communicate with one another.

Cultural buildings

Architecture for reflection and participation

Our Approach

Each project is unique
Each working environment, each hotel landscape and each shop design is unique. We work with our client's brand language and develop individual concepts.

We approach each design from a holistic viewpoint and develop it from the first stroke of the pencil through to the completed project. It is our job to understand the culture, the tasks to be completed, the requirements of the users and the client's wishes as well as possible and to translate these into a new spatial language. We also provide this service as consultants. 

Thinking out of the box
Functions and typologies are moving closer and closer together. It is no longer enough to understand only one typology. Our vast experience of various types of project means that we can offer the entire range of functions and combine these with one another.

Wettbewerbe Frames Düsseldorf und Colosseum Essen

Quality born of experience

It is our personal mission is to carry the quality of our design into the execution of the construction. We take charge of the entirety of a project. Our team is made up of experienced professionals and young creative minds. 

We can bring our knowledge of the various architectural typologies to bear in the interior design process to ensure that the insides of a building are ideally-suited to the outside and to the structure. We are aware of the latest trends and social developments - we are masters of the interplay between light, material and colour, of digital elements and of media technology. 

Our goal is to create spaces that are both highly-functional and able to be experienced emotionally: great interior design inspires. It doesn't just make everything right, it makes everything better. 

BASF Business Center D105, Ludwigshafen
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
Clariant Innovation Center
China Merchant Bank Headquarter   
eBay The Inspiration Store, Bremen
Eclipse Düsseldorf
EXE Glasses, Shanghai
Dodenhof, various locations
Gucci, Düsseldorf
Haus der Universität, Düsseldorf
HengelerMüller, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Munich
Henkel Global Experience Center, Düsseldorf 
Horizon L’Oréal Headquarters, Düsseldorf
HPP Headquarter Düsseldorf
HSBC Umbau, Düsseldorf
Industrieclub Düsseldorf
Lanxess-Tower, maxCologne, Cologne
Lovells Skyoffice, Düsseldorf
Mensa, Universität Bochum
METRO Bridge One Düsseldorf
Modernisierung CentrO Oberhausen
Microsoft Deutschlandzentrale Munich
Multifunktionsarena Jekaterinburg
PSD Bank West, Cologne
RTL Rheinhallen
RWE Campus Essen
Schwarzkopf LIGHTBOX by Karl Lagerfeld
Santander Consumer Bank
SIXT Headquarter Pullach
Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Our other services


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversion and listed building projects.

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Neighbourhood and urban design

In Germany we are creating neighbourhoods, in China we are building entire cities.

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Lead consulting

The whole design process under one roof.

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Project managment

Representing the interests of the client and ensuring the quality of the work produced.

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Breathing new life into buildings.

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