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A meeting point

and place of well-being

HPP Headquarter Zollhof 26

Client: INTERBODEN GmbH & Co. KG / Tentant: HPP Architekten GmbH / Location: Düsseldorf / GFA: 14,100 m² / Completion: 2019

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Office environments are currently undergoing a phase of accelerated change, which brings enormous challenges for many companies. The new headquarters of internationally renowned architects’ firm HPP in Dusseldorf’s Medienhafen offers solutions to the challenges of our time. More space, the alternation of areas for retreat and meeting points, and the office as a place of well-being – these are the aspects that define our working environments.

Mixed-use building concept

HPP’s new office environments are situated in the mixed-use property "H27", comprising offices, micro-apartments, gastronomy areas and event spaces. The clear, solid architecture echoes the contours of the neighbouring building and defines the various functional components with sculptural recesses, niches and alcoves.

A mixed-use property which has already had to prove its resilience in 2020

For HPP Architekten, which has been housed in the neighbouring building for the last twelve years, the new premises provides its 170 employees with 3300 square metres of office space over three levels. Both the architecture and the interior design were created by HPP.

Creativity and inspiration

As ‘workshops for creative design’ the inspiring work environments offer spaces for agile working and for formal and informal communication: conference and project rooms, hubs, telephone booths, seating niches and pedestal chairs. The office also houses its own model workshop, a materials lab and an open library.

Flexibility and openness

The open communal working areas with their height-adjustable desks for seated or standing use alternate with numerous areas for retreat and provide staff with the perfect space for both team meetings and individual concentration. Light colours, open ceilings with suspended canvas sails for shade and acoustic protection and glass components create a productive atmosphere.

Identification and well-being
Whether it be the newest conference technology, provision of laptops or ergonomic workplaces: the employee is always the focus. The office provides space for discussion with colleagues and for creativity. In times where flexible working and working from home are becoming increasingly important, our new headquarters has become a meeting point, an identification space and a place of well-being.


Corporate Identity

The light, muted colours in the working environments offer a contrast to the monolithic, dark external façade. On the inside they soften the strong black and white HPP corporate image and emphasise the open studio character of the office.

Come and see!

The transparent glass cube on the corner of Zollhof / Kretschmar Straße makes the building part of the public space. On the ground floor the HPP lounge "Hentrich's" is a meeting place for staff in the centre of Dusseldorf’s Medienhafen, as well as a showroom for project presentations, after-work events and exhibitions. The internal garden courtyard on the first floor, accessed via a generous outside staircase, connects the building to the public street space and gives any interested passer-by the opportunity to gain an insight into our working environment.


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