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Architecture for innovation and


Offices and Administration

We have been creating architecture for companies and their employees for decades.
We have experienced and shaped all generations of modern office architecture: from the German corporate headquarters of the post-war years to the first international projects in the 1960s, such as the Standard Bank Centre in Johannesburg (South Africa), to modern working environments and corporate campuses in China, Germany and Turkey.

This has enabled us to gain decades of experience in the planning of office buildings - be it tailor-made for a company in the sense of "corporate architecture" or on behalf of project developers for the rental market. 

Two of our classic works: the EMPORIO Tower in Hamburg and the Dreischeibenhaus in Düsseldorf

AND Tower, Istanbul

Flexible space for 1,800 office workspaces and a myriad of amenities for the workers

From corporate headquarters to the corporate campus

The demands placed on companies have changed: In today's innovation competition, they need the full potential of their employees in order to keep pace at a global level. At the same time, the way of working has changed and knowledge workers in particular are looking for environments and employers that enable communicative and concentrated, healthy and varied, flexible and pleasant conditions.

Caohejing Campus Shanghai

Today, companies are finding themselves more and more in competition for innovation

Whereas in the past the focus in office buildings was on symbolism, prestige and standardised workplaces, today it is values such as independence, freedom of action and participation in the team that require a variety of working environments for employees. 


Nowadays, corporate architecture is not about creating monuments, but creating values.

Werner Sübai, Senior Partner HPP

Health, sustainability and the urban integration of a corporate campus into its surroundings are central aspects of the design. More than ever, our task is to create spaces that establish an overall impression of identity.

Visualisation Ali Baba Cloud Valley

Alibaba Cloud Valley

A high-end technology park with its
focus on dynamics and networking

New values and new work

Empowering employees
Modern working environments contribute to well-being, creativity and stronger identification. The process goes from the standardised workplace to the working landscape. Inspiring environments take individual needs into account and foster diverse forms of work and communication: The employee selects the appropriate work area according to the task. 

The trend towards individualisation and the simultaneous presentation of teamwork call for the availablity both of quiet spaces for reflection as well as for communication zones.

Microsoft Germany Headquarters Munich

Architecture for well-being, concentration and identification

Additional services on a holistically-designed campus as well as recreation and break areas promote healthy working in the sense of a sustainable corporate culture.

Recruiting and retaining employees
We develop individual, identity-shaping and dynamic concepts for our clients, which are holistically tailored to their needs and requirements. Because the architecture and the working environments are an expression of the company's own philosophy. 

Attractive working environments must be more than just digital, flexible and agile.

Anika Hülser, Associate Partnerin HPP

After all, companies want to find a "cultural fit" when looking for employees, i.e. an employee who fits the company and represents similar values. In addition, identity-forming and user-oriented spaces not only attract candidates, but also increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Interior L'Oréal Horizon Düsseldorf

Interior design for working environments

Long-term values

Flexible architecture as a fundamental design principle to preserve value
The architecture for new work must be contemporary - but adaptive and adaptable in order to deliver long-term value.

Our buildings can adapt to new trends and technologies. This enables them to make future forms of work possible that we are not even aware of today.

L'Oreal Horizon Düsseldorf

L’Oréal Headquarters

Flexibility achieved by means
of intelligent spatial concepts

We give buildings a second life
We have created architectures that were trendsetters at the time and, thanks to the forward-looking and flexible design principles used, are often "state of the art" again today after revitalisation.

Revitalisation and energy-efficient

refurbishment of an icon of 
Corporate Architecture

Alibaba Cloud Valley Park

Allianz Kai

alltours Headquarters Düsseldorf

AND Tower Istanbul

BASF D 105

BB Business HUB 3 Berlin

Bennigsenplatz 1 - B1

Construction Site 1, 2 and 3 MARK 51°7 Bochum

Japanese Embassy

Federal Ministry of Finance

Caohejing Campus

Central Bank of Turkey Istanbul

Deutsche Bank Campus Berlin

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Berlin

DOSB Central Adminstration

Dreischeibenhaus Modernisierung

Eclipse Düsseldorf

EHO Daimler

ERGO Central Administration 4. BA

Europe Tower Sofia

Specialist Court Centre Hannover

Tax Office Halle

Freudenberg Weinheim office building

Galileo Haus

Generali Headquarters

Hallorenring commercial building in Halle

„grasblau“ at Halleschen Ufer Berlin

Haus des Buches

Henkel Asia-Pacific and China Headquarters

Horizon L’Oréal Headquarters


H27 Düsseldorf

Justice Centre Wuppertal


Langer Eugen



Maslak Square


METRO Working Environments Düsseldorf

Neuer Stahlhof

New Wave I Eschborn

Ohligsmühle office and commercial building

ONE Plaza Düsseldorf

Police Headquarters Düsseldorf

PSD Bank Köln

Pudong Development Bank

Marl Town Hall

RTL Rheinhallen

Revitalisierung Finnlandhaus

RWE Campus Essen

Santander Consumer Bank

Tabakmoschee Yenidze

The Cradle

Vanke-In Bund Shanghai

Victoria Haus

Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Westgate office and commercial building on Habsburgerring

Yotrio Headquarters Ningbo

Other typologies and projects

Ruhr West University, Mülheim an der Ruhr

Teaching and research

Science in times of digitalisation and new work

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Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Vodafone Campus

Environmentally-friendly and user-centric architecture and working environments

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New living environments – healthy, urban and smart

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