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Mixed Use Architecture

with far-reaching effects on the Bosphorus

AND Tower

Client: AEH Anadolu Gayrimenkul Yatirimlari A.S. / Location: Istanbul
GFA: 73,300 m² / Competition: 1st prize 2012 / Completion: 2015 Green Building: LEED Platinum
Awards: Cityscape Award 2014, European Property Awards 2015: Best Office Architecture Turkey, Best Office Development Turkey, Best Commercial High-Rise Development Turkey

Services: Lead Consulting, ArchitectureInterior design

In 2015, just four years after opening the Istanbul office, HPP Architects completed the first major project in Turkey. 
The 26-storey "AND" tower is named after the client, the multinational Anadolu Group. The central design criteria for the project were timelessness, functionality, quality of use and enjoyablity.

HPP Architects won the international invited competition in 2012. 
After a two-year planning period, the foundation stone for the new building was laid in April 2014, and construction work was largely completed by October 2015. Fit Out and tenant occupancy followed gradually thereafter.

Außenaufnahme AND Tower Istanbul
m high
office workspaces
m² gross floor area

"A technically excellent example of a future commercial office scheme demonstrating the importance of combining end user occupational requirements with a viable freehold asset. The judges were impressed with the depth of thought and investment in the pre-planning stage made by the entrant."

Jury statement on the presentation of the Commercial Project Award (Future) by Cityscape Global

The AND Tower received prizes even prior to completion: a total of six prizes were awarded to AND in the Cityscape Awards 2014 and the European and International Property Awards 2015.


Urban integration
At 110 metres, the AND rises above the new financial district of Kozyatağı, which is located in the south of the Asian part of Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul's third financial centre, other completions during this period also underscored the growth of the mega-city: the third Bosporus Bridge was inaugurated in summer 2016 and the third airport in the spring of 2017. 

Kozyatağı's positive development can be traced back to the previous infrastructural expansion phase: the location between the southern bridge and the second airport is extremely convenient, and the new underground line connects Kozyatağı directly with the city centre.

Integrated into the neighbourhood
In order to mediate between the up-and-coming financial district and the adjoining residential development, the new building is integrated architecturally into the surrounding area by means of a three-storey pedestal with retail spaces. 


"We have created an attractive public square on the side of the building that faces away from the busy E5 highway."

Buğrahan Şirin, HPP Istanbul Head of Office

Façade design

Light and shadow as shaping elements
Due to the height limitation of the site and the floor area desired by the client, HPP planned to divide the tower into two parts in order to underline its vertical character. 

The façade structure contributes to the long-distance effect of the business tower: The position of the triangular aluminium façade pillars, which varies in blocks every two to three storeys, creates changing light and shadow effects depending on the position of the sun. 

Nahaufnahme Fassade AND Tower Istanbul

Flexible working environments

AND offers efficient and flexible office space: The central arrangement of the service core allows subdivision into up to four rental units per floor. Office sizes can vary from 300 to 2,200 square meters.

Flexible use
The facade grid of 1.35 metres and a construction grid of 8.10 metres and load-bearing columns on the outer edges make it possible to create a large number of standard and futuristic office environments, such as open-plan offices, cubicles and modular offices.

Multifunctional use
Of the total 73,300 square metres of gross floor area, slightly more than half is used for the above-ground office and commercial space with 1,800 workplaces. The other half forms part of the underground areas, which include a conference centre, a canteen for 350 people and a four-storey underground car park with 740 parking spaces.

In addition, there are separate areas for employee facilities such as fitness centres, hairdressers, car washes, medical services and recreation rooms.

Energy concept

The building's sustainability begins with the conscious choice of orientation: Rotating the floor plan 45 degrees to the north-south axis has a positive effect on the energy balance. This was confirmed when the building achieved LEED platinum certification. 


The building has been awarded the LEED-Platinum Certificate for sustainability and positive energy balance.

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