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A vertical city with a

Sky Garden at 258 metres

Huide Tower Shenzhen

Client: Shenzhen Metro Group / Location: Shenzhen, China
GFA: 248.513 m² / Competition: 1st prize 2015 / Completion: 2021
Green Building: LEED-CS Platinum PreCert

Service: Architecture

A new 258 m high skyscraper is the highlight of the Longhua District skyline of Shenzhen. The transport-oriented development connects public spaces to Sky Gardens to form a vertical city.

HPP International Shanghai were commissioned to design a new multifunctional high-rise complex next to Shenzhen North Railway Station. At the end of the competitive process, HPP prevailed over five international competitors.

The shell of the building has already been completed and completion of the entire complex is scheduled for 2021.

A sign of urban development in Shenzhen
The site is part of the North Station Area of Shenzhen, one of the busiest and fastest growing port cities in the world. 

The competition called for the development of two city blocks with four high-rise towers. We were awarded the first prize for the design of "Plot D2", which is the highest building in the district at 258 m and includes a second 100 m tower. Both towers rise out of a 36 m high podium. 

In such a dense metropolis, orientation and identity are of central importance, and the tower of the North Station will become a new landmark of the city of Shenzhen.

Between Station Yard and Min Tang Road, the tower rises dramatically towards the sky, a sensation of vertical movement is created by the gradual 11° shifting of the rectangular tower floor slabs. 

The resulting space created by the skewed floor plans provides the opportunity for a series of stepped terraces. The subtly graduating geometry of the tower produces a general "upward motion". 

From the ground floor to the top floor, the tower floors shrink from 2,400 m² to 1,600 m². This gradual reduction in the size of the floor slab takes place in four stages, making the tower appear proportionately more slender and the spatial depths at the lower and upper ends of the building noticeably different. 

With their flat sections, each individual façade of the tower forms a complex graduated geometry, which are distinctive and unique when viewed from different angles of Shenzhen's urban landscape.

Urban Balconies
The rotation of the tower's ground floor levels result in "Sky Gardens" on various floors: green areas with an increased ceiling height over several floors that offer recreation and communication zones. The idea is to turn the quarter into a Vertical City through various entrances and public spaces, even on the upper floors, thus opening it up to the public. 

The stepped terraces along the roof of the building finally meet the highest "Sky Garden" on the roof. This green crown is referring to other important green spaces and landscapes within the city that the platform overlooks: Yaqi Mountain in the south, Longhua New District in the north, Nanshan Mountain in the east and Changlingpi Reservoir in the west. 

Shopping and the urban experience
The U-shaped podium contains retail and commercial space and surrounds the property on three sides. The podium leaves the south side open and is accessible from the East Plaza. The ground floor will be known as the "town square", where the main entrance and the car parks are located. A number of shops can be reached from here, creating a clear centre. 


Homes, Offices and Hotels
The smaller tower houses apartments. The larger tower is for offices, apart from the lowest levels in the base and the upper floors, which are home to hotels.

The mixed-use project creates a

new "town square" and the visual
highlight of the Longhua District

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