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Showcasing brands and emotions

Stationary trading in this digital age

While online e-commerce continues to grow from year to year, stationary retail must prove its attractiveness. One challenge is that user requirements are constantly changing, especially as a result of digitalisation: in retail, online and offline concepts are merging and constantly challenging us to find new answers.

What are the strengths of stationary commerce in the digital age?

Destination Retail

Experience, Food and Community
A retail environment must distinguish itself from others, stand out through quality experiences and become the region's centre of attraction - a meeting place in the analogue world, but also a point of contact to the digital world. Shopping today revolves around three main themes: the overall shopping experience, attractive food ranges and the integration into the neighbourhood and the city.

The spatial experience; an essential quality

Stationary trade benefits from all the qualities of physical space. The best interior design makes shopping a sensual experience. Sensory qualities can be most effectively reflected in a physical space. Another strength of the retail trade is the provision of advice and service, in which the right atmosphere plays a special role.

Seamless Shopping

From or to and: Buying online and collecting offline or ordering instore and having the goods delivered - these are not contradictions, but established systems. This creates a seamless shopping experience across all media. Apps and online platforms create digital communities and support analogue retail and shopping experiences.

Contemporary food concepts

Retail dining is undergoing radical change: fast-food courts are being transformed into high-quality lifestyle restaurants. Together with our clients, we develop distinctive individual areas for contemporary gastronomy. This is how we create food and shopping environments of outstanding quality.

Store and Story

We help our clients to highlight the special qualities of their products and services and place the consumer at the centre. With our retail concepts, we provide support in building and strengthening brands, e.g. through flagship and pop-up stores, but also with additional culinary concepts. "Store" and "Story" become one physical unit.

Flexible concepts

The future is not predictable, but it can be created: We develop flexible concepts and spaces for retail architecture and interior design that can be converted in the future and adapted to future needs.

Solingen Hofgarten

A shopping experience inspired by
nature, industry and fashion

Central Railway Station Leipzig

e-bay Pop-up store

Europapassage Hamburg

EXE Glasses Store

Henkel GEC Global Experience Center

Loop 5

Refurbishment Centro Oberhausen

Rathaus Galerie Leverkusen

Schwartzkopf Lightbox

Solingen Hofgarten

Wanda Shopping Center, China

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Hotel Mandarin Oriental München


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