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Changes in the HPP management

As the first woman in the company's history, business administration graduate Claudia Berger-Koch has been responsible for the management of HPP Architekten GmbH together with architect Burkhard Junker since 1 January 2024.

The year 2024 begins with a change in the HPP management. Dipl.-Ing. architect Volker Weuthen, Managing Partner of HPP Architekten GmbH since 2020 and Managing Director of HPP International since 2021, ended his 32nd and final year at HPP at the turn of the year in line with the provisions of the partnership agreement. Senior Partner Claudia Berger-Koch, who holds a business administration diploma, succeeds Volker Weuthen as Managing Director. For the HPP partnership, constant renewal has always been one of the key cornerstones that has repeatedly equipped the company for its future tasks throughout its 90-year history.

In addition, the shareholder group is to be expanded by new member Dipl.-Ing. Architect Matthias Faber. With his many years of experience and expertise, he strengthen the management team surrounding Claudia Berger-Koch, Burkhard Junker, Stephan Kauert, Remigiusz Otrzonsek, Werner Sübai and Antonino Vultaggio.

With a view to the future, HPP Architekten is thus entering 2024 stronger and with a diverse management team of Senior Partners, Partners and Associate Partners.