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Climate partner of the state capital Düsseldorf

On the way to climate neutrality by 2035!

We support the climate pact of the state capital Düsseldorf as an official climate partner. Together with currently around 30 other companies, we are working towards the common goal of becoming climate neutral by 2035. On December 5, there was a first network meeting of the Düsseldorf climate partners at TechHub.K67. Together with the initial partners of the Climate Pact - the state capital Düsseldorf, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and the District Chamber of Crafts - the participants defined formats and key topics for their path to CO2 reduction. Our Senior Partner Claudia Berger-Koch and our Project Manager Martin Nienhaus represented HPP at the network meetings and are committed to providing new impetus for sustainable processes in our company.  

Photo: Roman Burki / Unsplash