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+grün Landschafsarchitektur becomes part of HPP

HPP Architekten incorporated the landscape architecture firm +grün into the company structure from 1 January 2024. Against the backdrop of the ecological challenges of climate change, this step marks a conscious decision to collaborate more closely between architecture and landscape design.

We see the decision to include the +grün team as part of the HPP family in the Düsseldorf office as a great opportunity and enrichment: Landscape architects plan for people and for nature. "The long-standing expertise of +grün supports us in placing aspects such as quality of life and ecology at the centre of our work".

Both offices have already worked together on numerous projects. For example, the new WSW headquarters of Wuppertal Stadtwerke, the Trube-Becker-Haus at Düsseldorf University Hospital, the revitalisation of the heylo office building in Düsseldorf and the One Plaza project in Düsseldorf are currently in the planning/construction phase. In addition, there are a number of recent successful competitions: the Südliche Wöhlerstraße in Leverkusen, the Weststadtquartier in Essen and the Pandion Officehome in Düsseldorf.