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HPP to design office buildings on the site of the former Opel plant in Bochum

HPP has been commissioned by Landmarken AG to construct office buildings on construction plots one, two and three of MARK 51°7.

An industrial, technology and knowledge campus will be built on the site of the former Opel plant in Bochum-Laer to be known as MARK 51°7. With its flexible structure, the ensemble designed by HPP Architects will provide modern working environments with a total gross floor area of over 24,000 m² for a wide variety of office concepts and formats. The office spaces will be integrated into an attractive open space design with semi-public courtyards and accessible roof areas. VIACTIV Krankenkasse was recently announced as the first tenant and will occupy a large part of two of the three buildings occupying an area of around 13,700 m².

The planning application is expected to be submitted in the spring of 2020, the rental space is expected to be handed over in 2022.