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Personnel changes - Mid of year 2022

At mid-year the HPP Partnership has seen further changes in line with our proven principal of continual renewal, and so the future partnership has been augmented at both partner and associate partner level.

Co.mmon Vision - Partnership changes

On begin of July, Florian Beck, previously Head of Design and Head of Architecture, Design & Research at ATP architekten ingenieure, joins HPP as a Partner and will continue to build up the Stuttgart office together with Carmen Stirmlinger, Associate Partner. Guido Graul, previously office manager at MHB Architekten und Ingenieure GmbH, joined HPP as an associate partner on 1 May. Together with Steffen Huhn (Managing Director HPP International, Project Management), he will take over the office management of the Berlin office for the Planning division (HPP Architekten GmbH).

More about the HPP partnership: