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Second prize for „LifeCycle“ – a residential highrise as a social and sustainable ecosystem

In an interdisciplinary team of German and Dutch property owners, architects and planning professionals, HPP Architekten has designed the project “LifeCycle”, a multifunctional residential highrise intended as a social and sustainable ecosystem.

LifeCycle was designed for a plot right in the heart of the urban development zone Sluisbuurt (Zeeburgereiland Amsterdam). The project combines a variety of living models and working worlds. At the interface between the park and the neighbouring streets, the tower forms a link between these two urban development spaces. A rotation of the individual sections of the highrise creates a number of plateaus which can be used as collective outside spaces. The innovative XXL steel concrete skeleton of the residential highrise is a tribrid construction with concrete, steel and wood. The façade is designed as a porous structure providing space for people, nature and energy production. The integral sustainability concept includes energy generation from renewable energies, water storage, reduction of heat islands and biodiversity – the building is almost energy neutral. 

Visualisations: © Visulent