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Topping-Out Ceremony at the WA10 in Grafental

The topping-out ceremony for the residential development on Metrostrasse in the Grafental district of Düsseldorf, which is currently being realised according to HPP's design, was celebrated on Thursday 27.06.2019 .

The development in Düsseldorf's Grafental residential quarter - a green neighbourhood between Düsseltal and Grafenberg - has been making steady progress since 2012. HPP had previously been entrusted with the planning of the WA9 and WA3 construction phases, which have already been completed. Phase WA10, for which HPP received first prize in an urban development competition in 2016, will be an ensemble of two six-storey and one eight-storey buildings with a shared underground car park according to the specifications of the development plan. A diverse mix of apartments with flexible sizes and floor plans is envisaged, tailored to the needs of the various demographic groups. The design takes up the style of the previous buildings and carries it forwards. As in the case of WA3, the individual houses differ in the choice of materials for the façades. Various brick and plaster colours offer individuality and recognition value. The structures of the individual buildings react to one another - thus, despite the diversity, a harmonious entity is achieved.