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HPP's highest office


Head of office: Jens Kump, Partner and Yu Wei, Partner 

At the heart of the city and on the 11th floor, we have a panoramic view of Beijing. But there is no lack of green despite the central location. And every two weeks we get together and discuss interesting projects and experiences over delicious food and drinks.

Party zum chinesischen Neujahr
Ausflüge im Jahr
Happy Hours im Monat

One current highlight project

Visualisierung Sub-Center Station Transportation Hub Peking

Sub-Center Station Transportation Hub

The central urban axis connects public green areas and recreational areas via various access points to the underlying Transportation Hub

Our focus


Design and execution for newbuild, refurbishment, conversionand listed building projects

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Sports buildings for the athlete, the fans, the city and the whole region

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Offices and administration

Modern working environments and prestigious company headquarters

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Exciting times for architects