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Brought to life: the vertical office campus “Eclipse”

The new office high-rise in Düsseldorf, Eclipse, was completed this year and occupied by tenants, the auditing and consulting firm PwC Germany.

The 16-storey office high-rise, Eclipse, jointly designed by HPP Architects and UNStudio on behalf of die developer with its striking glass façade, soars into the sky directly at Kennedydamm. “The Eclipse acts as a mediator, creating an urban link between the local neighbourhood and the working environment,” states Werner Sübai, Senior Partner at HPP.

A vertical campus in the interior 
The centrepieces are made up of the atria and open spaces situated on several floors and in some cases extending over three storeys. Viewed from the outside, these communal areas can be clearly identified in the façade.

Modern office architecture built on the principle of activity-based working
The principle of “activity-based working” comes into its own on the twelve office floors. All employees book their desks through an app and have access to numerous spatial choices and interior design options.  

Green Building with ©smartengine 
“In the Smart Working Environment of Eclipse, artificial light and ventilation are controlled by sensors based on human presence; Eclipse takes account of the movements of every single user,’ Anika Hülser, Associate Partner at HPP, explains. This is made possible by 2,000 sensors which gather data in real time and send them to the ©smartengine. As a result, up to 200 tons of carbon can be saved per year in a building of this size – which means Eclipse proves itself to be a particularly sustainable office building. The aim is to achieve both DGNB Platinum and DGNB Diamond certification – the highest award for design quality in terms of architectural culture.