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Feasibility study for redevelopment of the former Kaufhof department stores in Hamm

On Tuesday, 07.09.2021, the feasibility study for re-use of the former Kaufhof department stores in Hamm, drawn up by HPP in cooperation with bulwiengesa AG, was officially presented.

In a press conference, HPP Partner Volker Biermann presented the re-use concept together with the Mayor of Hamm Marc Herter, the head of the building department Andreas Mentz, the head of the urban planning department Heinz-Martin Muhle and Dr. Joseph Frechen from bulwiengesa AG. Afterwards, the concept was presented to the City Council's Committee for Urban Development, Mobility and Housing. The overall reaction was highly positive with regards to the analysis, the urban development concept, the design and the development of the programme by bulwiengesa. 

The analysis study led to the conclusion that the existing building, which has been unoccupied since October 2020, should not be retained, but two new building options should be developed. The aim of the concept is to design a multifunctional, innovative and sustainable new urban quarter with human centric working and living environment as well as to enhance and strengthen the surrounding railway station quarter. The concepts of both new building options are based on the idea of creating a hard shell (outer, urban edges) and a soft and green core inside the block. The courtyard steps down to create green roof terraces and balconies for optimal lighting conditions and high-quality outdoor recreational areas. The city of Hamm will present the work at the joint stand of the Metropole Ruhr at EXPO REAL. Further insights into the feasibility study can be found here.