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"Re/View the Next" Exhibition at Xujiahui Sports Park in Shanghai

Following its presence at this year's Beijing Design Week, HPP's "Re/View the Next" exhibition made its second stop in China. From 1 December, it was on show for a week in the Xujiahui Sports Park in Shanghai, which was revitalised by HPP.

After six years, the sports park was officially made accessible to the public this year as an open and lively urban space. It is therefore not only an exhibition venue, but also a key component of the exhibition's content in the "Urban Transitions" topic. 

The opening ceremony was hosted by HPP Partner Mr. Wei Yu. Mr. Weidong Ma, founder of the Architecture Culture Group and Executive Editor-in-Chief of "Architectural Practice", Ms. Enfang Liu, Director of Shanghai Institute of Human Settlements Science and Senior Chief Architect of AISA, as well as HPP Partner, Mr. Jens Kump gave the opening speeches. As a further highlight the special issue of the magazine "Architectural Practice" entitled "Re/view the Next: HPP's 90th Anniversary and its Development in China" was published during the ceremony.