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The Library -

an inspirational space

O.A.S.E. Study and Communications Centre

Medical Library, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
Client: Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf A.d.ö.R.
Location: Düsseldorf /GFA: 5,500 m² /Completed: 2011 
Award: Good Buildings Award 2014 BDA Düsseldorf

Service: Architecture


Bringing the content of the building outside

The O.A.S.E. sits in the middle of the Heinrich-Heine-University campus – the German name means "oasis" and is an acronym that stands for a place of communication, study and development.

Based on the theme of the library, the external appearance of the solidly constructed, 5055 m² GFA building is inspired by a capillary system. Organically-shaped, white glass mosaic panels alternate with similarly-formed glazing like a network laid over the slender cube, giving the building its unmistakeable appearance.

Libraries are more than just storage spaces for books

Interior design for a space for inspiration and communication

Libraries must be able to offer much more nowadays: the book has lost its salient position, the library has become more a place to spend time; a forum for professionals and experts to exchange ideas. They are significantly more than just storage spaces for books; but they are only truly successful as specialist libraries, once meeting and event spaces have been included.


OASE Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum Düsseldorf

Inspiring, learning, discussing

Our Concept
This is as much a place for studying, reading and learning as it is for inspiration, social interaction and exchange. We solved this design challenge through open spaces and an interior design concept that enables both concentration and dialogue.


A successful project

Rapid Execution

The new 38 metre-high library building
was planned and constructed in less
than two and a half years.

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